My Birthday Bucketlist/Wishlist 2018

Every year, just before my birthday, I write a list of things I want to do/experience (initially) on or just around my birthday, until I add those material things I want to buy or receive as gift.

This has been a yearly thing of some sorts but I dont know why I even write one.  Guess, it has become a ‘psychological habit’.

For this year, I’d like to share with you my list:

* Go on afternoon tea at Peninsula Makati
* Drink at Sunset Bar
* Staycation at Sofitel Manila
* Dinner at Spiral
* Facial
* Massage
* Body scrub
* Warts removal
* Drink at rooftop bar
* Dessert at Peninsula – Pen Pals
* Sleep at EDSA Shangrila
* Dinner with my and Joseph’s families together
* Treat my bestfriends in an intimate dinner and wine and cheese
* Mass at Pink Sisters Tagaytay
* Weekend at home alone (without anyone going in/out)
* Laptop – The Hubby bought me one – as of 6/1
* Camera
* Smart TV
* A personal ‘office-style’ space at home
* Beach getaway
* Me time for a few days/Alone time; If only I have the courage to travel again by myself
* Moxie shoes!!!! – updated 5/23
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Sab Celebrates Year One

Few months before Sab’s first birthday, J and I were torn between throwing her a party or going on a family trip.

Since Sab had a small and intimate Christening, in my mind, we would throw her a sort of coming out party to introduce her to relatives and friends.

J, on the other hand, considered his youngest brother’s invitation to spend Sab’s birthday with him and his wife in Singapore.

With some considerations, we finally decided not to throw her a party.

Instead we opted on weekend-long celebration for her.

We booked an overnight staycation at Seda Nuvali on the exact day of her birthday (Thursday-Friday).  This was our first trip just the three of us (but, of course, with the Ate who takes care of her).  To maximize our days, I planned  of going to Tagaytay in the morning before check-in and walk around Nuvali after check-out.

To celebrate with my side of the family, we invited my Mom’s siblings and their families, a couple of her cousins and her maternal aunt and, of course, my sister and her family, for lunch on Saturday.

On Sunday night, we had dinner with J’s family in Greenbelt.

Its All About Faith

This year has been full of challenges: mentally, financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Im not a devout Catholic but I believe in God. However, half of the time, my faith wavered.

I have been struggling.

Deep inside I know that everything happen for a reason. But since I dont know and understand what the reason was, I wavered and question Him.

Over the weekend, my faith has been tested.

Since the Hubby and I are financially-challenged recently, I prayed that I would win the cash raffle in our party. I’ve never been lucky in those raffles so I just prayed. At the start of the party, I wasnt thinking of it seriously. I told myself that if I didnt win, God had other plans for me. When they started flashing the winners of the minor cash prize winners, I was very surprised to see my name and employee number! I WON!! I was very happy and deeply thankful that night. I won the smallest cash prize and it wasnt enough to pay the bills but it was sufficient in God’s perspective so I was more than okay with that.

On our way home after the party, we were caught in a road accident.

It’s Always About Faith

This year has been full of challenges: physically, mentally, financially, emotionally and spiritually.

And I’m still in the middle of it all.

During this time, the only one I can rely on is God. But half the time, my faith wavered. I wanted to believe that God was with me but it was hard when I couldn’t feel him and couldn’t understand his reasons.

Then this weekend..

#QOTD – 03 Dec



It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year 🎄



Mom’s 62nd

Mom celebrated her 62nd birthday last Monday.

As my ‘special gift’ for her, I made Flipagram video video which I posted in Instagram and Facebook.

To celebrate her special day, we dined in at Vikings at SM Megamall.  Here are our photos:

the birthday girl

the birthday girl

mom entrance

random pics

random pics

all 2




Happy birthday, Mom!



Just got back from the Hubby’s birthday trip. Will blog about it soon (fingers crossed!!!). For now, lets enjoy the day!

What I Want To Do Now!!!



My Birthday 2014

Celebrated my birthday in June.  Took a leave of absence to do some personal errands and relax supposedly.

But this is my birthday in a glimpse…

Hospital duties in the morning


free coffee to calm my nerves!?!




too many blood samples


Office duties in the afternoon (dont have a picture, though)

And birthday celebration in the evening……….finally!!!





After dinner, Joseph and I met up with Cat, Jane & Butch for some drinks at Agave High Street.

All in all, despite the hospital duties in the morning, I was one happy lady that day!!!

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