SAB @ One Month

October 29, 2015. 

We celebrated Sab’s first month at home with a simple dinner.

photo collage c/o the Hubby

At 1st month…

  • Sab smiles in her sleep 
  • Sab seems to understand the ‘Milk’ word coz she stops crying whenever she hears it
  • She calms down whenever she hears the ‘sshhhhhh’ sound 
  • Sab can turn on her side by herself 
  • She makes her first coo-ing sound as if talking back

 Happy 1st Month, Sab!

Looking forward to more days and months of happy Sab-iness, and exciting milestones!

We love you, Anak (Daughter)!


    #OurPreciousOne Had Arrived

    On September 29, just before noon, OurPreciousOne finally arrived!

    OurPreciousOne – Sofia Isabelle


    first Family picture


    Dad is soooooo happy to finally hold you, Sofia Isabelle


    19th Week

    23 May 20159:36am     

    To Our Precious One,

    We visited our doctor yesterday for our regular checkup.

    It was amazing to hear your heartbeat once again and it sounded healthy as it beat in the range of 140s-150s.

    I also felt relieved that you’ve grown bigger in just a month. From our last checkup, our doctor said that you were small for your age. But you grew from 50cm to 90cm! 

    You also started moving around my tummy. I first felt it last May 8. I didnt actually know what to expect. All I knew was your were about to start moving that week or after so I was conscious of any movement/anything different around my tummy area. When I First felt it, I wasnt at all sure if It was you or just a random discomfort. So the next day I felt it, I was convincing myself it was you. It was only after several days did I actually believe that Our Precious One had grown. 

    We will visit again our doctor end of next month.  

    Mom is also excited coz in a month’s time, we are gonna see your face! I wonder who you’ll look like – will it be me or Dad? I am always praying that you grow normally and healthy. But I sometimes ask God if He can give you Dad’s nose and height! Hihi! But remember that whoever you’ll look after, you will always be loved.

    We will also know if you are a Boy or A Girl. I really dont have a preference, I just pray that you are healthy. But knowing your gender, we can look and decide for your name.

    Aside from ultrasound, you will have to undergo a congenital screening. This part is what I am anxious of. You see, Mom’s family health history is not that healthy. So you are in a risk to inherit (change term) all that. The prayer intentions that you stay healthy and normal have always been my prayers and will be part of my prayer intentions for as long as I live. I believe God will take care of you.

    See you next month, Our Precious One! 

    First Time

    Feb 10 2015

    My Precious One,

    I am here now at Starbucks Megastrip waiting for our first OB visit together.

    Am writing to you to let you know that I am happy with your arrival. Though we still yet to confirm your life in my tummy (that’s why we are going to the doctor), I can feel YOU now inside me. Call it Mother’s Instinct.

    I’d like to believe that you came at the right time. After your Dad and I got married and after we learned if your Mom’s special condition, my heart and mind were split whether I personally can conceive and raise a child. Please don’t get me wrong. I want you! But my special condition sort of scared me if I can physically carry you for nine months and raise you as a well-rounded baby and child. Every time I prayed to God, I just told Him to give you to me at His perfect time. NOW is the perfect time.

    I still had a mixed-up feelings when I realized my period was delayed. I was doubting if I can really be a mother. But when I felt symptoms of my period, I felt sad. I wanted to have you. Forget my condition, forget our financial dilemma, forget all my fears and doubts. I just want to have you!

    In a bit, I’ll you about our encounter.

    November 2020
    S M T W T F S