Its All About Faith

This year has been full of challenges: mentally, financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Im not a devout Catholic but I believe in God. However, half of the time, my faith wavered.

I have been struggling.

Deep inside I know that everything happen for a reason. But since I dont know and understand what the reason was, I wavered and question Him.

Over the weekend, my faith has been tested.

Since the Hubby and I are financially-challenged recently, I prayed that I would win the cash raffle in our party. I’ve never been lucky in those raffles so I just prayed. At the start of the party, I wasnt thinking of it seriously. I told myself that if I didnt win, God had other plans for me. When they started flashing the winners of the minor cash prize winners, I was very surprised to see my name and employee number! I WON!! I was very happy and deeply thankful that night. I won the smallest cash prize and it wasnt enough to pay the bills but it was sufficient in God’s perspective so I was more than okay with that.

On our way home after the party, we were caught in a road accident.

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year 🎄



Mom’s 62nd

Mom celebrated her 62nd birthday last Monday.

As my ‘special gift’ for her, I made Flipagram video video which I posted in Instagram and Facebook.

To celebrate her special day, we dined in at Vikings at SM Megamall.  Here are our photos:

the birthday girl

the birthday girl

mom entrance

random pics

random pics

all 2




Happy birthday, Mom!

An Open Letter To My Mom on Mother’s Day

Dear Mama,

Its been a while since I gave you my last letter. I dont even remember when it was.

I decided to write you one tonight so you will wake up tomorrow reading this.

For almost 35 years you’ve been both a mom and dad to me and Shobe. It was an enormous responsibility being a mother to two daughters. More so because you took on Papa’s responsibility as well.


Mama, I dont know if I’ve said it enough, but Thank You! Thank you for taking care of us, loving us. You have have not grown tired of serving us especially me, The Princess.Growing up and until now, I’ve never felt deprived of love because in everything you’ve done, in every decision you’ve made, I knew that you always took us into consideration. Our welfare and well-being have always been your priority.  Even until now, when Shobe has a son of her own and I, myself, am married, we are still the top of your mind.

I hope, Mom, that you are proud of the woman we’ve become.  We are who we are because of you, your love, your example, and your teachings.

And if at times we’ve wandered off the right path, please dont feel bad and think that you’ve failed. Our actions do not necessarily define you as a mother nor reflect how well you’ve raised us. Our mistakes were, more often than not, simply just lapse of judgment.

We may not like you at times as I am sure you do feel the same about us. We may have arguments and fight sometions. But one thing is sure: we will always love you no matter what.

Now that I am married and responsible to and for my husband first as God has instructed, know that I was a daughter first and will love you always because a mother and daughter love is forever.


Thank you for your love. Have faith that you raised Shobe and I well. As Shobe takes her journey of motherhood while I take on the role of a wife, we might stumble and fall. Let us be. Only then will we grow and learn. And we dont fear. Coz I know you have our backs.

I love you, Mama, and happy mother’s day!

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