My Birthday 2014

Celebrated my birthday in June.  Took a leave of absence to do some personal errands and relax supposedly.

But this is my birthday in a glimpse…

Hospital duties in the morning


free coffee to calm my nerves!?!




too many blood samples


Office duties in the afternoon (dont have a picture, though)

And birthday celebration in the evening……….finally!!!





After dinner, Joseph and I met up with Cat, Jane & Butch for some drinks at Agave High Street.

All in all, despite the hospital duties in the morning, I was one happy lady that day!!!

Photo Diary: Weekend in Bellarocca (Days 2 & 3)

The long-awaited trip and much-needed vacation.
A weekend of rains, fun, laughter, and sharing.
Set in the idyllic private island resort that was Bellarocca.
A get-away with one of my college bestfriends.
#SuperLateBlogPost  #AlmostThreeYearsLate

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Photo Diary: Weekend in Bellarocca (Day 1)

#SuperLateBlogPost  #AlmostThreeYearsLate

I have a Travel category here but I realized I havent posted a trip of mine here! So I checked my ‘secret’ blog site to import the travel entries there. However, my previous blog host did not offer the Import feature, hence, I am doing this manually.

First was a trip to Bellarroca Island Resort and Spa in Marinduque…

The long-awaited trip and much-needed vacation. A weekend of rains, fun, laughter, and sharing. Set in the idyllic private island resort that was Bellarocca. A get-away with one of my college bestfriends.

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SDE: J&L Got Hitched!

Sharing with you our wedding Same-Day-Edit (SDE) by The Ralph Alejandrino Photography and Videography.

A Belated Birthday Letter to my Nephew, Yui

My Dearest Yui,

You are now five years old and growing up so fast.

I still remember when my sister, your Mommy, was still conceiving you. I was so excited about you though I didn’t show it. With my meager income then, I bought you those little things that you could use or your Mom could use on you. I dont remember them now but I still do remember that time while choosing them. Haha! But trust me, we were all so looking forward to your birth.

Until that fateful day when we learned of your ‘condition’. I felt like the whole world was crashing on me (and I couldn’t even imagine how your parents felt especially your Mom). I thought that you didn’t (and still dont) deserve that. It came to a point when I questioned God why He would take on you the lessons He wanted us to learn. Coz I didnt think He wanted you to learn a thing at birth. It was totally unfair!

I was in the hospital when your Mom was in labor. I was praying that my sister would not experience the difficulty your delivery. I was praying that everything the doctor said about you wasn’t true. I was praying for a miracle.

I didnt get my miracle.

But two of the three conditions were dismissed, I sort of felt relieved. But the thought of seeing you the first time scared me. No, I wasnt afraid of looking at you because of your physical condition. I was scared of my reaction when I finally did. I didnt want to break down and cry. You didnt deserve that. In fact, no other baby did. I psyched myself to be strong. I didnt have the right to be weak coz it was the last thing your parents needed.

When I saw you at the hospital’s nursery that first time, my heart had filled with so much love and care for you I never thought I was capable of.

Your very existence brought so much joy to me and to our little family. You were a very ‘delicate’ baby, your needs required 100% time and attention.

Back then, I was scared of carrying you. You were so small. Plus the fact that I didnt know how to raise babies and my ignorance would cause you discomfort.

But I did remember feeding you your milk. Several times. Though in all those times, I was extremely careful. Feeding you took time and required my attention. Early in your infancy and while I was feeding you, you were always so cheerful and smiling. The more I thought you didnt deserve it all. But then you were so oblivious to that fact and you would continue to smile at me and every thought was forgotten and all I could think of was how much, as each day passed, my love for you was growing.

What you had gone through as a baby was so much.

But you grew up to be such a sweet and loving kid, Yui. You are always cheerful and your smile and your eyes brighten the day of everyone around you. You always wake me up every time you sleep over but your hugs and kisses and ‘good morning, tita’, ‘i love you, tita’ are what I get in return anyways.

Yui, always remember that Tita Leng loves you so very much. I cant show you how much but I DO.

Yui @ 11 months  On My Birthday

Yui @ 11 months
On My Birthday

Yui's 1st Birhday cake..from Me!!!!

Yui’s 1st Birhday cake..from Me!!!!

calling someone..

calling someone..

Lola Ge's birthday

Lola Ge’s birthday

yui 7

yui 8

yui 13

yui 18

yui 12

yui 17


yui 19

My Choice of Music

While I am at it, I’d like to say my reasons for some of the music/songs I chose during the wedding.

Canon in D for the bridal march was suggested by a colleague. Told him I was looking for a song that was different (meaning not used by Everyone! hehe!!). In my mind it was that plus it should have a sound of ‘drama’. Will not elaborate but you know what I mean..

I checked out Canon in D in YouTube but initially didn’t like it. It sounded boring. I kept on searching for wedding songs until I realized I wanted not a song but pure music for the processional. I am not into music so spare me on how I differentiate one from the other (song was with lyrics but music was purely! haha! I give up!).

Anyways, there I looked for some music played in paino/violin for the ‘drama’ effect I was looking for. That was when I found the version i super like. Sorry, I looooooove!!!

So that was the story of my bridal march music.

For J’s music and the entourage, I decided on A Thousand Years.

Yes, it was one of the most common wedding song if not the most common! The melody was perfect for the ‘drama’. So I chose it! However, I decided on the piano/violin version (of course without the lyrics so it wasnt common!).

I own those two! No, not their rights.

I just felt that The wedding was perfect because I made the right choice when I decided on the two most important music in our wedding.

So I am sharing as well the version of The Piano Guys of Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years.

As I Walked Down the Aisle..

Been married for more than three months and I havent gotten over my wedding blog entries. In fact, I think, I havent started in fulll swing.

For now I am sharing the accompaniment when I walked down the aisle.

Canon in D was not only my bridal march music, it has become my to-go/comfort music whenever I want to relax my mind and calm my nerves.

Listen and you’ll like it as much as I do..

July 2014