At The Moment

It’s ten minutes before midnight…

Am sitting on the bench by the poolside of our condo’s kiddie pool..

A commercial plane has just passed me…

A stray cat is drinking the pool water…

Drinking my tall espresso frapp from Starbucks..

A slice of chocolate cake in its box is lying beside my drinks…

A man is browsing his cellphone while walking towards the car park, coming from his workout session…

A light wind is blowing my hair, caressing my body…

The pool waters dancing to the rhythm of the winds as the trees and plants sing to its melody…the hushing music bringing calmness to my being…

Am sitting on the bench by the poolside of our condo’s kiddie pool jotting random thoughts.

Am alone here, obviously because it’s already late.

I was craving for something sweet since this morning so while waiting for the little girl to fall asleep I decided to go down to the coffee shop, eat a slice of cake and watch my series.

But since there was no available seat inside the coffee shop, I decided to just sit here and have some me time before doing some works.

And am I glad that I did!

Sitting by myself here, I was able to enjoy the moment, calm some nerves, write something albeit just randomness, and feel pure peace and innate happiness.

I have been struggling at work for the past several months and affected my time with my family, for myself. I have been doubting myself , making me feel alone and empty.

Sitting here on the bench by the poolside of our condo’s kiddie pool while jotting down those random activities brings a smile to my face and a certain joy and peace to my soul.

Thank you wind, bench, stray cat, plane, trees, plants and pool waters.

Thank you for this moment, Lord! Thank you for sitting beside me.

Let’s have this Fika time more often, shall we?

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October 2018
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