My Birthday Bucketlist/Wishlist 2018

Every year, just before my birthday, I write a list of things I want to do/experience (initially) on or just around my birthday, until I add those material things I want to buy or receive as gift.

This has been a yearly thing of some sorts but I dont know why I even write one.  Guess, it has become a ‘psychological habit’.

For this year, I’d like to share with you my list:

* Go on afternoon tea at Peninsula Makati
* Drink at Sunset Bar
* Staycation at Sofitel Manila
* Dinner at Spiral
* Facial
* Massage
* Body scrub
* Warts removal
* Drink at rooftop bar
* Dessert at Peninsula – Pen Pals
* Sleep at EDSA Shangrila
* Dinner with my and Joseph’s families together
* Treat my bestfriends in an intimate dinner and wine and cheese
* Mass at Pink Sisters Tagaytay
* Weekend at home alone (without anyone going in/out)
* Laptop – The Hubby bought me one – as of 6/1
* Camera
* Smart TV
* A personal ‘office-style’ space at home
* Beach getaway
* Me time for a few days/Alone time; If only I have the courage to travel again by myself
* Moxie shoes!!!! – updated 5/23
MAX_8718 as Smart Object-1 copy3_edited-1 - kopie

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