My Choice of Music

While I am at it, I’d like to say my reasons for some of the music/songs I chose during the wedding.

Canon in D for the bridal march was suggested by a colleague. Told him I was looking for a song that was different (meaning not used by Everyone! hehe!!). In my mind it was that plus it should have a sound of ‘drama’. Will not elaborate but you know what I mean..

I checked out Canon in D in YouTube but initially didn’t like it. It sounded boring. I kept on searching for wedding songs until I realized I wanted not a song but pure music for the processional. I am not into music so spare me on how I differentiate one from the other (song was with lyrics but music was purely! haha! I give up!).

Anyways, there I looked for some music played in paino/violin for the ‘drama’ effect I was looking for. That was when I found the version i super like. Sorry, I looooooove!!!

So that was the story of my bridal march music.

For J’s music and the entourage, I decided on A Thousand Years.

Yes, it was one of the most common wedding song if not the most common! The melody was perfect for the ‘drama’. So I chose it! However, I decided on the piano/violin version (of course without the lyrics so it wasnt common!).

I own those two! No, not their rights.

I just felt that The wedding was perfect because I made the right choice when I decided on the two most important music in our wedding.

So I am sharing as well the version of The Piano Guys of Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years.

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