A Yearly Purchase

For the past couple or so years I had always took advantage of the annual sale of National Bookstore.  Every now and then, when I pass by an outlet, I would tell myself that I’d buy books when they are already on sale.

I dont get to read books as much as I used to for the last year.  I felt there were more things to attend to than reading.  Yes, I still have unread copies that I bought in the past year, a couple were lent to me by a friend but as always in this past year..I didnt have time.

Although I have to say that I finished two e-books in the past months.  They were The Wedding and The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks.  I happen to chance upon it while searching for free games to download in my phone actually and I was able to finish them because I read them while on line, waiting, and on my daily trips to and from the office.

Anyways so last Wednesday (fortunately the promo was extended!), I bought three books.  I still have a few titles in mind but Im considering my budget..but I super tempted to purchase more since I need to wait for a year again for the sale.  And because I intend to catch up on my reading.

just came across this book..said to be inspiring..plus i loved regina brett’s first book, God Never Blinks

read this book from Shervel’s blog, not yet a Mom but I am a Mama’s princess..

from one of my fave authors..released last year

May 2020