SAB @ One Month

October 29, 2015. 

We celebrated Sab’s first month at home with a simple dinner.

photo collage c/o the Hubby

At 1st month…

  • Sab smiles in her sleep 
  • Sab seems to understand the ‘Milk’ word coz she stops crying whenever she hears it
  • She calms down whenever she hears the ‘sshhhhhh’ sound 
  • Sab can turn on her side by herself 
  • She makes her first coo-ing sound as if talking back

 Happy 1st Month, Sab!

Looking forward to more days and months of happy Sab-iness, and exciting milestones!

We love you, Anak (Daughter)!


    #OurPreciousOne Had Arrived

    On September 29, just before noon, OurPreciousOne finally arrived!

    OurPreciousOne – Sofia Isabelle


    first Family picture


    Dad is soooooo happy to finally hold you, Sofia Isabelle


    First Time

    Feb 10 2015

    My Precious One,

    I am here now at Starbucks Megastrip waiting for our first OB visit together.

    Am writing to you to let you know that I am happy with your arrival. Though we still yet to confirm your life in my tummy (that’s why we are going to the doctor), I can feel YOU now inside me. Call it Mother’s Instinct.

    I’d like to believe that you came at the right time. After your Dad and I got married and after we learned if your Mom’s special condition, my heart and mind were split whether I personally can conceive and raise a child. Please don’t get me wrong. I want you! But my special condition sort of scared me if I can physically carry you for nine months and raise you as a well-rounded baby and child. Every time I prayed to God, I just told Him to give you to me at His perfect time. NOW is the perfect time.

    I still had a mixed-up feelings when I realized my period was delayed. I was doubting if I can really be a mother. But when I felt symptoms of my period, I felt sad. I wanted to have you. Forget my condition, forget our financial dilemma, forget all my fears and doubts. I just want to have you!

    In a bit, I’ll you about our encounter.

    May 2020
    S M T W T F S