My Girls Said Yes!!

After several weeks of hesitating, I finally had the courage and confidence to ask my friends to be my bridesmaids!

And they all said Yes!!

When I was younger and my friends were starting to get married, I told myself that my bridal party would just be the remaining single ladies. In recent years, though, I told myself that I would just get one from highschool and one from college. How I was going to choose? Drawlots!!! Hahaha! Sssshhh…tHe real reason was except for one, all my bestfriends are married now which means I wouldnt have bridal entourage! Lol!!

While planning this wedding, though, something changed! I wanted ALL my bestfriends with me!! But since I didnt want them shouldering the gowns, I hesitated asking.

Anyways since they all agreed, I am now writing this entry.

From highschool: Cat, Che, Jane. If only Jeng were here, she will definitely be with us!
From college: Anne, Cris, Ryah.
These two groups know me inside out and even though I dont get to see them often, these ladies are for keeps!

I also have two additional: Candy and Majo who are both J’s friends. Majo was instrumental in our courtship while Candy is part of our love story (she has been with from day 1 and who, together with her family, is our constant companion and travel buddy.

I want everything simple but different for our wedding. So when I was searching the net for pegs of their gowns, I was attracted to non-traditional dresses (at least here in the Philippines).

Below are my pegs:


However, I discovered that my fiance is the traditional type! So at the end we decided on a traditional chiffon cocktail dresses. Its ok atleast it passed the ‘simple’ requirement! 🙂

May 2020