Cat, Che, Jane, Jeng and I have been friends for the last 21 years (yes, thats how old I am!). But since Jeng and her family have been based in Ireland for several years now, we’ve never been complete. The last time we five were complete was in 2008 when Jeng visited.

More than two weeks ago, I was browsing my photos and saw again the pics of our pictorial. I suddenly missed them and planned of scheduling a meet-up with them.

A week after we suddenly received a PM from Jeng saying she was flying back to Manila that day! We would again be complete!

And because Jeng would only be here for a week, everyone made sure to make themselves available to meet.

Here are some of our pics that night.







My Girls Said Yes!!

After several weeks of hesitating, I finally had the courage and confidence to ask my friends to be my bridesmaids!

And they all said Yes!!

When I was younger and my friends were starting to get married, I told myself that my bridal party would just be the remaining single ladies. In recent years, though, I told myself that I would just get one from highschool and one from college. How I was going to choose? Drawlots!!! Hahaha! Sssshhh…tHe real reason was except for one, all my bestfriends are married now which means I wouldnt have bridal entourage! Lol!!

While planning this wedding, though, something changed! I wanted ALL my bestfriends with me!! But since I didnt want them shouldering the gowns, I hesitated asking.

Anyways since they all agreed, I am now writing this entry.

From highschool: Cat, Che, Jane. If only Jeng were here, she will definitely be with us!
From college: Anne, Cris, Ryah.
These two groups know me inside out and even though I dont get to see them often, these ladies are for keeps!

I also have two additional: Candy and Majo who are both J’s friends. Majo was instrumental in our courtship while Candy is part of our love story (she has been with from day 1 and who, together with her family, is our constant companion and travel buddy.

I want everything simple but different for our wedding. So when I was searching the net for pegs of their gowns, I was attracted to non-traditional dresses (at least here in the Philippines).

Below are my pegs:


However, I discovered that my fiance is the traditional type! So at the end we decided on a traditional chiffon cocktail dresses. Its ok atleast it passed the ‘simple’ requirement! 🙂

A Heartfelt Birthday Wish

Today is the start of another 365 days of your journey.  The ride will be full of twists and turns, bringing you to the edge of your seat but the trip will be enjoyable and meaningful nonetheless…as you have proven in the past.

I dont get to see you as often and we dont exchange emails as frequent as before, but your friendship is and forever will be a blessing to me.  You are a source of inspiration while your experiences are like my own personal lessons.

Your faith is something that motivates me to grow mine.  

Your service to your family is one thing I truly admire.

Your attitude towards work is one that inspires me to give the best of me.


As you blow your birthday candles, may it also blow away whatever hurt, pain, frustration and disappointments left in your heart.

As you eat a slice of your birthday cake, may you taste life’s sweetness and the richness of the blessing you are about to receive.

As you read your birthday cards, may you be reminded of the love and affection of the many people whose lives you have touched.

As you unwrap your birthday gifts, may the coming year presents to you the realization of your life’s dreams and the fulfillment of your heart’s desires.


Happy, happy birthday Ryah!  I love you!  Enjoy your journey!


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