My Gratitude Project

Two or more years on my quest for happiness, I realized that I couldnt be happier if all I saw were the negativity around me. So I decided to commit to thinking positive. To staying positive, I read somewhere to be grateful for all things, big or small.

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Hence my idea of starting my Gratitude Project. It meant to document daily all things I would be grateful for. I was looking for an online tool where to document it. I was thinking of starting a separate blog just for that. Until working on the idea vanished in thin air.

This year I read from a friend’s blog about Gratitude365. Its one of those applications where you can document your gratefulness everyday. Its exclusive for iApple gadgets, though. I searched for a similar app for android. Found one but never write daily.

Now that J gave me his ipad (i think!!!), I decided to purchase the Gratitude365 app. I like this app because it can summarize thru photos in a calendar format your entries for a month. It just feels good looking at it.


I am just on my 3rd day but I am committing to doing this for the next 363 days and beyond.

Try it and lets share the positive changes it will give us!<

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