This Week’s Project: Small Act Everyday

I was browsing through Pinterest and saw one picture that caught my attention.  I wanted to post it in FB but since it was late in the afternoon, I thought I would post it today to start my day right and those who would across it.

I used my sister’s ipad yesterday and just saved the phote in her gadget.  And since I decided to post it today instead what I did was I forwarded the pic in my email.  But when I tried to save it in my phone, I couldnt.

And so I went back to Pinterest and searched for it.  I easily found it but continued to still browse though the subject.

You know by now I am sucker for positive and happy things for good vibes so I enjoyed reading through every quote.

Hence I thought that I will start a project today which I am calling Project: Small Acts Everyday.


Each day until Saturday I will post one small act that I (hoping you, too!) will do.  This maybe small acts but everything starts from one, small step.  Who know?! My (and yours) small act can change someone’s world!!!  Remember, though, that this project need not necessarily have to stop on Saturday.  Lets make it a goal in life!  On my part, though, I will not post anymore hoping that for the subsequent days, you will decide on your own small act.


Lets do this!

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February 2014
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