I feel hurt.  Yes, you read it right.

As much as I try to post positive entries, I just have let this out..so that in a day or two, I might feel better.  And I still hope you’ll learn or realize a thing from this.

I am hurt by someone super close to me, someone I’ve had rows before but after a day we just laughed it off.  For the past year this person has hurt me with her words and actions for more than I can bear.  Intentional or not, words once spoken cannot be taken back and the damage done, or in my case, the hurt of being judged, even when its true, still breaks my heart.  It hurts more because it was said by one of my closest person, someone I love.  Second, I never expected to hear that word from that person, someone considered family.  And, I never judged that person when he/she ‘experienced something’ four years ago.

I am not sure if I should let this go, or if I can let this go.  I want to forgive and forget but how can I teach that person to respect me if he/she thinks and feels that he/she can say things to me anytime since it doesnt bother me anyway.

I want to forget this.  But I need to heal first.  But I dont know how. 

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  1. thenewryah
    Dec 18, 2013 @ 13:52:24

    hi amiga, just read this… i’m clueless… how are you now? is he/she someone i know? i hope you feel better now…


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