Morning Is L♥VE!!!

I used to be more of a nocturnal person.  I liked nights because it was then that I could do things I wanted to do like reading a book, watching my dvds, writing.  It was when I could say I was left alone with my thoughts, reflect on them, enjoy them and work on them.

Although I never discount early mornings.  When I woke up and I had that desire to go out of the house, I would do so and smell the morning breeze and embrace the morning sun.

As I turn older, I get to love mornings more, especially the break of dawn to the early morning time.

I Love the early mornings, i love to see the sun rises, feel the slightly cold morning breeze and enjoy the morning quietude.

My dream and kind of morning here in the city is to witness the break of dawn from my balcony, drinking my morning coffee, reading a book or the newspapers, or blogging.


photo source: Pinterest

But since at the moment I dont have a balcony, I love when I wake up and the sun is peeking between my curtains then drink coffee on my bed, read a book and start blogging.


photo source: Pinterest

I love mornings because..


photo source: Pinterest

Moreover, morning is the start of a new day when we are given a chance to do better than yesterday, beginning of another day to realize our dreams. Morning means another day to complete tasks at hand.  Morning gives us fresh hope that Today everything will be fine!


photo source: Pinterest

I love Mornings and, guess, I will love it in my lifetime!

How about you?!

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October 2013
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