A Heartfelt Birthday Wish

Today is the start of another 365 days of your journey.  The ride will be full of twists and turns, bringing you to the edge of your seat but the trip will be enjoyable and meaningful nonetheless…as you have proven in the past.

I dont get to see you as often and we dont exchange emails as frequent as before, but your friendship is and forever will be a blessing to me.  You are a source of inspiration while your experiences are like my own personal lessons.

Your faith is something that motivates me to grow mine.  

Your service to your family is one thing I truly admire.

Your attitude towards work is one that inspires me to give the best of me.


As you blow your birthday candles, may it also blow away whatever hurt, pain, frustration and disappointments left in your heart.

As you eat a slice of your birthday cake, may you taste life’s sweetness and the richness of the blessing you are about to receive.

As you read your birthday cards, may you be reminded of the love and affection of the many people whose lives you have touched.

As you unwrap your birthday gifts, may the coming year presents to you the realization of your life’s dreams and the fulfillment of your heart’s desires.


Happy, happy birthday Ryah!  I love you!  Enjoy your journey!


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  1. Ryah
    Sep 12, 2013 @ 13:46:22

    Dearest mi amiga, thank you so much for this… I read it just now.. indeed, God is so good, He’s so great, my birthday is becoming a week long of celebration, everyday He surprises me with love from loved ones and friends, today, your blogpost is a great surprise! thanks so much mi amiga, i may be silent at times but I do pray for you and joseph…your life will be more meaningful as you journey with him, expect both good and bad times, but that is reality of life, what’s important is you both put God at the center, He will take care of you and your soon to be family. 😉 just call me or text me if you need someone to talk to… i’m here, and will always be. 😉 love you mi amiga, see you soon! Be more blessed. btw, thank you for your posts, I am happy that you are becoming more positive each day, keep it up friend, keep your your hope, faith and love in the Lord. 😉


    • Lianne D
      Sep 13, 2013 @ 08:38:06

      finally!!! haha!! i didnt txt nor greet u on ur day kc sabi ko eto yung way ko of greeting you..tas dka nagre react sbi ko bka akalain mo nakalimutan ko..thank you! i knw nman ur praying for me and for him..isama mo na rin mga tao sa paligid nmin! Im also super happy kc i get to blog more often.at times lng feeling ko plastic ko kc kht inside im hurting and mejo sad my posts are positive..im super trying nman tlg! Minsan i feel the opposite pero siempre hndi ko pwedeng i blog..lalo na when i posted na i want to inspire others andcwhen u commented mas na motivate ako..na realize ko bka nga iyun purpose ko..tas i get followers! Imagine?!? 20 na cla haha kla mo kung gaano kadami eh..but am mas motivated pa! Yun nga lng lht foreigners kya hndi pwedeng magtagalog!! Haha!! thank u friend! I knw ur there for me kya super happy ako!!! iloveyou!!


      • Ryah
        Sep 16, 2013 @ 16:55:08

        Hola mi amiga! 😉 I just thought that you were busy so you weren’t able to greet me 😉 katuwa nga kase pati si sexy naalala nya 😉 it’s ok to post positive things even if it’s the opposite of what you feel.. we write for ourselves and for others, so when you surround yourself with positive thoughts and energy, you get to acquire it and your feelings change, which is very good.. the more you feel sad, the more you should counter it with positivism, and it will become your habit. 😉 congrats to having followers, friend, keep it up, you don’t know how many “souls” you help each time you spread love and positive energy! 😉 hope to see you all next month! stay positive and focus on God, for sure everything will be light! God bless you and all your loved ones. mwah!


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