Now a Techie Bookworm

I love to read!  I dont have a vivid memory on how I developed that habit of reading or learned to greatly appreciate books but I did know that I started reading early.  

I knew I finished reading the New Testament, I think, by nine or ten years old.  I finshed reading the complete series of Little Women.  I finished reading Noli Me Tangere before I reached third year high school.  In 3rd year high, I was introduced to Danielle Steel.  From then on I read Mills & Boon love stories to Precious Hearts to Paulo Coelho and Harry Potter and other books that I can get my hands on.  I love buying books and collecting them.  In my dream house, I knew there will be a office-library for me.

I was first introduced to ebooks when I was given a copy of the first Twilight novel. I dont know perhaps because I wasnt into the series so I didnt get to read. I got hold of another one but when I tried reading it, I felt my eyes hurt. After that zi told myself I would still gor for the old school, traditional reading and that is holding a book and flipping its pages.

Until early last year when I bought a new mobile phone. It could save ebooks and while installing apps and tried searching for ebooks when I chanced upon Nicolas Sparks collection. I saved it in my phone but never really appreciated it. I have to admit, though, that it comes handy when you’re outside and waiting.

I became a convert just recently when I became practical. You guys know that I purchased condo unit, a one-bedroom, 27-square meters home. With that cramped space I dont think I have much for a bookshelf. So now I accepted a fact that I will rely on ebooks for my recreational cravings.

I havent turned my back on my ‘books’. I will still buy those ‘worthy’ and a collectible.

Now I will enjoy my first official and first bought ebook…





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