Boracay Trip: THE Epic-tacular Night

Its our second night and while preparing for dinner, yet again, the rain fell.  We were all finished dressing up and were just waiting for the rains to stop.  But Even when it was still drizzling, we went out already. 

It was decided that we would have dinner at Epic and stayed there to party.  Upon entering I was greeting a belated birthday greeting by those attendants we bumped into.  I was surprised but didn’t dwell on it. Joseph ordered in advance and it was a complete meal from appetizer to dessert.  

I wasnt finish yet with the main course and taking time because I was kinda full na.  But then Cat got my plate.  We were talking and then the song Marry Your Daughter was played.  Being my fave song, my attention was piqued, my head turned and saw the waiters heading to our table with sparklers and the dessert.  They placed on the table infront of me two desserts, one cheesecake and on chocolate-topped bun.  One of the waiters ‘opened’ the sliced bun and there was THE Ring!

I think everyone was looking at us, heard some reactions like ‘oooohhhh’, ‘aaahhh’, ‘aaaaaawwwww’, ‘aaaaayyyy’.

We know what would happen next…The funniest proposal ever! Haha!

Joseph got the ring from the bun while I extended my hand to him..No Question and No Yes! hahaha!

For all the effort and the love and everything, I am so thankful to God for Joseph..

Here’s the bun..





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July 2013
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