Travel Diaries: My Bangkok Birthday Trip – Day 5

Perhaps because I slept early the night before and because I still needed to pack my things and ‘purchases’, I woke up early and rose immediately.

We took a bath and ate our breakfast.  After breakfast we got our things and left it at Caloy’s room so we could check-out.  We then went to the mall for the final last minute shopping.  At about noon we then went to the airport.  We took the Airport City Link once again.

Because the check-in counter was still closed we had our lunch after learning and confirming that there was no terminal fees to be paid.  We had a simple rice and breaded porkchop.

We ate and walked luxuriously thinking actually that we were still early.  Since  we still had money left that we saved for the terminal fee, we decided to buy chocolates at Duty Free.  While still choosing when we heard our flight’s last call!  We were literally running.  We were the last to check-in our boarding passes!

After five days and four nights in Bangkok ‘celebrating’ my birthday, I bid farewell to Amazing Thailand!

P.S.  I’ll defintely be back! : )


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