Travel Diaries: My Bangkok Birthday Trip – Day 3


Prior to this trip, I had imagined how this day would turn out..I’d wake up with J singing Happy Birthday carrying a cake or we’d have dinner cruising the Chao Phraya river or clubbing in one of the rooftop bars while giving me a surprise.

Although events did not turn out as I dreamed of, this day was fun and memorable still..because I was with my J!  : )

After breakfast, we went at the hotel’s mezzanine where the travel agency was located.  Joseph and Caloy inquired and decided on a whole day tour the next day.  We called Candy and asked if they wanted to join.

We agreed to take Caloy to MBK.  We decided to take a tuktuk.  However, before we were able to reach MBK, we were brought to different places by the tuktuk driver.  As he said, it was Buddha day and the establishments were giving certificates and/or vouchers for free gasoline whenever they bring clients and more if the customers would buy from them.

We went first to one jewelry store that manufacture there own items.  This store was on the high-end side.  We left and were brought to another jewelry store but on the lower end.  Here Caloy bought a pendant shaped as a tuktuk.  Afther here Caloy was very hungry and wanted to go to MBK already.  Even I was a little irritated already as the driver wanted to bring us in a travel agency after.  With his kakulitan, J and Caloy agreed.  However, the Boss at the agency was a little snob.  As we were inquiring, she told us to return when our friends were already here.

Finally, we were brought to MBK Mall.  The agreement was the ride was free because we went to all the establishments he wanted us to go to.  We tried to ask how much the fare was and he replied.  But we didn’t pay him.  We were just testing him.  Gugulangan pa kami! Hmp!

buwis-buhay on my special day! : )

As Caloy was hungry, we brought him to Fifth Avenue.  After lunch we walked around the mall.  Like us he didn’t see much items that he wanted to buy so we went instead to the shopping center across MBK and which carried the branded names.


outside Channel V Thailand studio at Siam Discovery

a part of the revolving restaurant

just outside

the Heroes

forever my Hero : )

with Director..forgot his name! hehe!

Caloy showing off his Best Actor trophy

still @ Siam Discovery shopping mall

passing by Siam Paragon, the most expensive shopping mall

see what i mean?!

We decided to walk going to Platinum mall.  As we walked, we passed by the different mall.  We even passed by one temple where J and Caloy brought out the children in them.


@ the temple

: )

trip lang nila! : )

one of the many malls in Bangkok

outside Central World

We rested at Let’s Sip coffee shop where Caloy used their free Wifi to talk to his special friend.  After that, they went on their own while I window-shopped.

We received a message from Candy telling us that they were already in the hotel so went back to the hotel.  Once they were settled we returned to Platinum Mall to eat dinner and for their last minute shopping for the day.

We were discussing whether to have drinks in one of the rooftop bars or go to Henry J. Beans bar but at the end we headed back to Coco Walk.

at the entrance

this time with Candy and Jonnie

our birthday

Travel Diaries: My Bangkok Birthday Trip – Day 2

We woke up early the second day, Sunday, even though we went back to the hotel after midnight.  Other than we wanted to make the most out of the day, we wanted to check out Chatuchak Weekend Market which closed around noon and because we needed to eat breakfast at the hotel.

The plan was to wake up at 6am but we rose around seven.  We took our buffet breakfast at the hotel which was part of our accommodation.  The hotel restaurant served a hearty breakfast menu than I expected.  They even had a separate food section for their Muslim guests.

1st buffet breakfast

We took the BTS train to go to Chatuchak Weekend Market.  We were told to disembark at Mo Chit station.  From Mo Chit station, we had to walk for a few minutes to reach the market.  When we got there, most of the stalls were still closed.  We just walked around and found some items.  Most items sold were for the home.  For the clothes we decided to shop at the Platinum Mall instead.

BTS line. Ratchatewi station

on the way to Chatuchak Weekend Market

We felt we covered the entire market so we decided to return to the hotel.  We took again the BTS train.  On our way back we were discussing whether to return to the hotel or eat lunch.  The final decision was to check out MBK Mall, the low-end and biggest mall in Bangkok.  We decided also to eat lunch there.  From Ratchatewi station to MBK mall, the walk was quite looooooooong.  When we reached the mall, we had to eat immediately.  We went up to the their food court but they served mostly Thai food.  We thought we would end up in McDonalds but when we went up another floor, we saw the Fifth Avenue.  

posing at the flyover

Fifth Avenue was like a food court but more on a classy end.  Upon entering you will be given a card. As you order, your card would be swiped and store the items and prices of your purchase.  Payment was upon exit.  You had to give your card to the cashier where they would again swipe your cards so they would know how much to charge you.

The stalls were scattered everywhere.  They served a fusion from Thai to Chinise to Indonesian to Japanese and French and Greek.  With so much choices J and I found it hard to choose.  He ended ordering Chinese food and while I chose Japanese.

across Fifth Avenue @ MBK Mall

some of the food choices as a backdrop

my Japanese ramen

J’s Chinese seafood platter

J paying our meals

After that late lunch we checked out the stalls.  Though J was able to purchase a couple of items, we didn’t much appreciate the mall.  We were quite biased I guess with Platinum Mall.  Haha!

My feet were really hurting so I asked J that we take a cab or tuktuk.  When we asked, we were offered 100Baht.  We found it expensive so I agreed to just walk.  At the other entrance, though, we were offered 80Baht.  We grabbed it as we felt it more reasonable.  The ride though was ‘buwis-buhay’.  The tuktuk drivers were super fast!  Sinasalubong talaga ang kabilang lane!

riding the tuktuk

We were resting when we received a call from Caloy, J’s friend.  He already arrived and likewise resting in his room, the same hotel we were billeted.  He asked whether we saw the note he left for us informing us of his room number.  We said, ‘No’.

J and Caloy decided to went out again to shop.  We went to his room and checked out his purchases.  I had heard so much about him yet it was my first time to meet him.  He was nice and funny naman.  I felt at ease din easily.

We went again to Platinum Mall.  J and Caloy enjoyed window-shopping and shopping.

We returned to the hotel to rest and refresh.  At night we went to Coco Walk, a place where some pubs and bars were located.  We stayed at Loud Lue.

J’s friend Caloy, aka Marky Lopez

clubbing at a local pub

J&L on my first birthday as a couple

We welcomed my birthday there.

July 2012