June Happenings!

The month of June is my second favorite month after December!  Why June?!  Nah, I never dreamed to be a June bride nor because its the start of the rainy season!

Well, as my family and friends very well know, it is my birth month!

I was born June 18 a few decades ago (yes, thats how old I am!).  But this post is not about my special day, atleast not yet, particularly my birthday trip (more on that later..).  I will just summarize those happenings (well now that I think of them, most are related to my special day! hihi!).

EJ’s Birthday

It has been a yearly thing to celebrate my sister’s dog, EJ’s  birthday.  His actual birthday fell on a weekday so Shobe decided to hold it on a weekend.  But due to work, health and other reasons, only my Mom, my boyfriend J, and cousins were able to come.  We had lunch and after merienda in their house.

The Bosses’ Treat

The Bosses here at the Warehouse (Operations and PD/QA) received their Annual Incentive bonus in the first week of June.  And because we were able to hit the sales budget last year, they received the maximum benefit.  We had our buffet lunch in Sambokujin Eastwood.

LRP’s Midyear Treat

Like the Bosses, we also received a bonus last month, our midyear gratuity pay.  LRP, or Lianne, Rap & Pen, treated them in another buffet-style dining, this time at Don Day.  Don Day offers Korean food.  We enjoyed eating something called Samgyeopsal, or pork/beef wrapped in veggies with their own sauce.

Penny’s Despedida

On the day I returned to work after my vacation, we had a Despedida lunch for our QA Assistant, Penny.  Pen is migrating to Canda with her family so she has resigned.  We had lunch in one of the company’s favorites, Yakimix Podium.  We enjoyed the lunch what with the bantering amongst our side of the table.  And Pen being the Mom, she was delegated to cook our food.

our small group pic

the entire SMSCCI Team

the wacky-ish side of the Team

My Post-Mini Celebration @ the Warehouse

Our third-party toller, BMirk, surprised me with my favorites, Chippy & Coke, and a cake!

all-time faves

this year’s first birthday cake

In the morning of my first day back after my vacation, they were supposedly to surprise me with the above!  But I believe, I surprised them instead!  While they were all smiles and excited to give me their surprise (as I was later told), they were shocked not to see me in the office.  Well, I was already at the Warehouse and their Boss even saw me but I received a text message from my Superior delegating me to attend his AM meeting at Ugong.  And so the element of surprised vanished just like that! Hehe!

After our despedida lunch for Penny and stopping-by for a while at JMT, Rap, Kuya Jacob and I went back to the Warehouse.  We we got there, Aris also received a bilao of pancit from one of the truckers.  And so we had our mini celebration that afternoon!  Before I forget, Aris and Philip also contributed Ice Cream for me!

on our post celebration

I was really touched and grateful to my BMirk family for this treat.  Although I am not as mabait to them, I felt their love for me! : )

the wacky side of my Team

Mayang’s Birthday

The next day was Mayang’s, our Toller’s Warehouse Supervisor, birthday! Again, it was a happy day for us.  Mayang brought in her dad’s and grandmother’s specialties, estofado and lumpiang sariwa & empanada, respectively , while it was also our Inventory Count, Ian shared grilled chicken.  For merienda, Ms Cleo gave Mayang pancit habhab from Buddy’s.

LP’s Treat

Well, it has been a tradition in the Warehouse office to treat the Team on your birthday.  For this year, though, Penny shared with me as her despedida treat.  We just bought food from outside (such as daing na bangus, papaitan and grilled liempo).  We asked Ate Vicky to buy shrimps from Pasig Mega Market and we asked the canteen to cook it in butter.

Penny’s Despedida Part 2

This time, the despedida lunch was exclusive for the Warehouse team, a treat from Ms. Cleo!

We had lunch at Comida de China (formerly Panciteria de San Jacinto) at Ugong.  As the name implied, we partook of a Chinese food.

QA/PD and Supply Chain departments

without me : (
working as the official photographer

In the afternoon, BMirk gave Pen a surprise.  They prepared a presentation for her, showing her collage of pictures with Thanks To You by Andrea Martin as the background.  The toller’s office people after sang Thanks To You(the common song, cant remembert the artist).  They also gave her a board with messages of the production people.

Pen was really moved so she shed tears..

crying Pen! : )

Of course, this would not be a party without food!  Rap and I bought BBQ and ice cream.

Hanz’s Birthday

The third stop on this day was Hanz Fhrellie’s birthday dinner at their house in Taguig.  Except for Effer and of course the Bosses, everyone were present.  It was the first time for Hanz to invite us at their house on her birthday and first time for the SMSCCI family to go to the other’s house.

It was a fun night..

the birthday Girl blowing her cake


the highlight of the night! hirap daw kaming i-entertain! : )

June birthday girls

These were the happenings and parties in June!  It was indeed a happy month!

There was another and final happening in June but deserved a separate post..

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  1. R. Sanvicente
    Jul 09, 2012 @ 13:33:59

    busy happy girl! so happy for you friend! keep it up, stay happy and blooming! 😉 mwah!


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