Birthday Bash with Family!

Cant get enough of my birthday posts (and expect more!) because this year had been the longest celebration I’ve had.

Since I was out-of -the-country on my birthday, I wasn’t able to celebrate with them. Though I promised not to be out on my birthday again (last year I was in Cebu with my bestest of friend and a couple of other friends), this year was a birthday gift from my partner, J.

Getting back in the office after a long vacay and other ‘celebs’ in the office and with friends, I was only able to schedule my celebration with them on the last day of June.

My sister asked that I just treat them out for lunch or dinner in Yakimix or other eat-all-you-can buffet. But I wanted to celebrate my birthday with our extended family and I wanted to celebrate at home. And this was the first time I was shouldering the expenses (hihi! it had always been Mom!).

I wanted everything ‘sourced out’ so we wont get tired preparing.  We ordered pancit and lenggua from Mommy G’s (concessionaire of   San Miguel’s EDR and the one J’s mom was managing).  But J requested for Shobe’s caldereta and so I asked Apple to cook for me.  I also wanted buttered shrimps and J cooked it for me.

The dinner was set at seven in the evening.  At around noon, we went to Megamall for some last-minute groceries and primarily to get the food from EDR.  Mom also bought cakes.  After we picked up Shobe at Cainta.

And because Yui was only a couple days away from his third birthday, I shared the party with him!

the celebrators : )

my birthday cake..again! from J’s Mom

Yui blowing his cake!

just a simple, private dinner

with J at the ‘cake station’

with family

as usual the Capistranos were late so they were missing from the group pic

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